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  • Meldanur BİLİR

Blessing In Disguise

Writer: Eslem Ravza DURAN (13 Years Old)

Translator: Meldanur BİLİR (16 Years Old)

Editor: Behice KAVAK

My name is Camila, they usually call me a crazy scientist, but you can address me however you like. Now I’m going to tell you how I accidentally pushed humanity towards extinction recently.

I woke up to another ordinary day and was heading to have breakfast. Shouldn’t I have avoided stepping on the Lego piece my cat played with last night? Unfortunately, I step on it. I can’t tell how much it hurt. Now, you might say, “Just look where you’re going!” and you’d be right, but what can I do? I rushed to the lab in anger. I hadn’t even had breakfast, imagine how angry I was. I went and thought to myself, “These people don’t want to suffer anyway, so there must be a formula for not feeling pain.” I said to myself, “I must save all of humanity.” I sat down at my desk immediately and started working. Amid formulas, chemicals, strange liquids, and test tubes, I finally managed to create something worthwhile. The mixture I prepared smelled like lemon and stale chocolate. I convinced my friend to try it out and made her drink the liquid. First, I pricked her with a needle, and she said she didn't feel any pain. Upon hearing this, for the sake of both health and the success of my experiment, we went to donate blood. My friend is usually terrified of donating blood, but let's hope for the best. When the nurse pricked the needle into my friend's arm, even Hulk would feel pain. But she didn't. Yes, I had succeeded. Humanity would no longer suffer pain.

My days of effort had finally paid off. The project I had been working on for the past few days was going to be launched in the market. I had a meeting with a company, and we decided to replicate and release the experiment I named CIPA. With the pride of helping people, I went out. At that moment, I saw my own face on the electronic board above my head, promoting my product. My words were the icing on the cake of my efforts: “We may not relieve the pains in your heart, but we’re easing your physical pains. We say “STOP!” to suffering with CIPA. “We’re freeing you from your pains.” Of course, I was ecstatic. People stopped me on the street, and I was all in high spirits. Everyone bought and started using this product, and my product took off.

At first, everything was going great. People were so comfortable because they didn’t feel any pain. However, things started to take a turn for the worse. Since they no longer felt pain, they began taking risks that could harm themselves. Even worse, they started to not realize they needed help when something bad happened to them because they didn’t feel pain. I learned that the sensation of pain helps us gain experience. After all, not feeling pain is not immortality. As a result, deaths began to increase. I realized that even the traits we dislike can be helpful to us. As deaths increased, I started to feel bad. After that, I began to feel responsible for these deaths, so I decided it was best to create an antidote for CIPA.I immediately went to the lab, took a DNA sample I had set aside, and developed my new formula by mixing it with a few products. I tried to market it by talking to the company, but they rejected me. So, I shared the formula named NISK on my own social media platform. Of course, being a famous scientist, everyone listens to me. I talked to a company that was complaining about CIPA and we launched the product. Thanks to my product, which quickly sold out, humanity returned to a healthy state. Although I still feel very sad about those who died, I am very happy that I corrected my mistake. It was good to learn that things we think of as punishments for humanity can actually save lives. I will apply this lesson to my future projects. See you soon!


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