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  • Sena VARDAR

Does White Mouse Bring Good Luck?

Writer: Rabia Meryem YILMAZ (9 Years Old)

Translator: Sena VARDAR (18 Years Old)

Editor: Behice KAVAK

People in India look interesting to me. Their clothes, beliefs, and dishes, look how different they are! Since I wondered how they live, I did research about Indian culture. Don't worry, I'll tell you about them too.

There are various symbols on the clothes of India, and they are very colourful. The clothes of women are so fancy. There is a commonly worn clothing of women, called “sari”. Most brides prefer red or yellow saris at their weddings. And the reason is not because they mostly support Galatasaray. There, red symbolizes hope and new beginnings, while yellow represents happiness and wisdom.

Indians are such joyful people. They have lots of celebrations, festivals and merriments. For example, the Holi Festival. The people who join this festival look as if they laid on a giant oil pen and rounded there for 44 hours and it is because they are throwing colourful powders at each other. Imagine, you're going to a festival, you have your white clothing on. While looking around, admiring, people come and throw handfuls of colourful powder at you. And all of a sudden, you are all dyed with orange, green, pink and blue. Okay, the festival is amusing but it is best not to go with freshly washed full white clothes.

Indians have different beliefs. For instance, they believe that white mouses bring good luck which is very interesting. Moreover, they take cows as holy creatures. They worship monkeys, Bengal tigers, some snakes and elephants. Yes, this is interesting as well.

India is also known as “The Land of Spices”. In this country, there are various kinds of spices. A lot of dishes are made with them. Indian cuisine normally consists of a lot of spice-included-dishes. Meanwhile the desserts are cinnamon-centered.


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