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  • Şifa onuk

Fake Clouds

Author: Şifa Onuk – 9 years old

Translator: Rana Berin Saygın – 16 years old

Most of the people don't want to sweat and they get overwhelmed in sunny weather. One day people huddle up and get together to find a solution for this problem. "How can we become protected from the sun?" They ask themselves. "We wear hats." One says, other shouts "or sunglasses". They remember how happy they are in cool weathers. The thought of cool weather inspires the scientists in them. Covering the sky by clouds and in this way staying cool. Scientist doesn't know what to do long time. An idea comes to his mind days later. Covering the sky with fake clouds by spraying chemicals from planes. A few days later, the sky is covered with fake clouds. Fake clouds get out of control. In the middle of summer, storms begin to occur, followed by hail and snowfall at the same time.

When there is no sun, plants die, farmers can’t produce anything, trees disappear in the forests, the air becomes polluted, animals begin to die because they cannot find food, and people get sick because they are not exposed to sunlight and take nourishment properly, hospitals become full of patients, and there is not even a single medicine left. Things are in complete disorder. Even the inventor of fake clouds regrets it but doesn't know how to solve.

One day, a pilot named Derya takes flight. Then suddenly she loses her control and gets faster and faster, and accidentally pierces the fake cloud and reaches the sun. The light reaching earth from the hole she pierced makes even the inventor of the fake cloud happy. Anyone who sees this hole rents a plane and makes holes in the fake cloud, allowing the sun to reach the earth. So many people rent planes that fake clouds disappear through holes.


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