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  • Sena VARDAR

Friends? Polar Bears!

Writer: Sude SAYGIN (11 Years Old)

Translator: Sena VARDAR (18 Years Old)

Editor: Behice KAVAK

Do you know that polar bears are friendly? They really like their friends. As a matter of fact, they tell their secrets to their real friends. Ohh… So, you didn't know about it? Well, now you know.

If you want to be a real polar bear friend, pay attention to me…

Secrets of Polar Bears

First of all, polar bears… THEY CAN BE INVISIBLE!!! No, you didn't get me wrong. But for them to be invisible, the sky needs to be dark. What makes them invisible is the reflection of their feathers. Their feathers are transparent, their skin is black. Basically, what makes us see them as white creatures is the feathers reflecting the lights. That is to say, they cannot be invisible in the morning. For this reason, if you're going to meet with your friend, meet in the mornings. Plus, the best hours you can meet with them are during the daytime.

Runner Polar Bears

Polar bears run really fast. They can even pass a wingy horse with their speed. They can run with a speed of 40 kilometres per hour. Going out for a run with them might be quite funny. When you're bored, you can play hide and seek or playing tag with your friend. Maybe the polar bear you're friends with might want to be a runner in the future. I think that for supporting your friend, you can train it. Just do not forget to take breaks off and on.

Birthday of A Polar Bear

If you have a polar bear friend and if you are going to make a surprise birthday for it, there are some points which are different from human one's: Firstly, you don't need to buy a cake from a patisserie. Polar bears love eating fishes.  But it must be brought fresh and cold. Do not ever try to make a roasted fish! Once you put the fish onto a nice plate, there's not even a need to put a glass of water near it. You might think that it would be eaten dryly but no, polar bears do not drink water. They do not need to drink water thanks to layers of fat in their bodies. Moreover, you can celebrate your friend's birthday outside. There is no need to book a place.  Even when the weather is rainy. Polar bears' fur is waterproof. So, they do not get wet. But you might. Do not forget to bring an umbrella with you just in case it rains.

Polar Bears Who Communicate with Their Feet

I have sorrowful news for you! Polar bears do not use phones.  Because they communicate with their feet. They leave a whiff at the places they step onto with their paws. In short, you cannot make contact with your friends from a long distance. If you want to see it so often, you can move to the North Pole. And it gives you a long winter holiday. If you love the winter season and playing with snow, you can go to your friends without loss of time. But don't forget to take very thick clothes with you.

Yes! Now you know polar bears very well. You are ready to be friends with them. Of course you need to meet a polar bear first. Wishing you to have fun!


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