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  • Mehmet Akif ACAR

Giraffes Remember Too

Writer: Nisan Berra YEŞİLKAYA (10 Years Old)

Translator: Mehmet Akif ACAR (14 Years Old)

Editor: Behice KAVAK

Elif graduated from 4th grade this year and brought home a great report card. Also, she had her birthday when the vacation was starting. Her mother Mrs. Şenay and her father Mustafa were wondering what Elif would wish as a present. Smartwatch, a new bicycle, or a microscope. But Elif decided which present she was going to want when she read the book My Giraffe Can Fly during her semester vacation. She wanted a giraffe from her family for their balcony. Her family didn't worry about it. They were waiting for the box they ordered from cargo.

After a week a box was written, “Carry it very very carefully!” arrived. The box wasn't too big. Elif thought that the giraffe was a baby. She hit the mark. A baby giraffe at Elif’s height came out of the box. Because the giraffe was small, it wasn't much hard for her father to get the giraffe out and she gave the giraffe the name “Freckle”.

First six months she was able to feed Freckle like a cat easily. But after six months Benek was so tall. Elif needed a ladder to feed Freckle. Elif thought and decided to collect the “T” letters from neighbors. Elif gathered some “T” letters from the people who were talking in the park. She had found enough “T” letters. She began making the ladder right away. After two days she finished the ladder by fixing the parts that she took from the carpenter to the upper and lower side of the ladder.

Elif never left Freckle alone, as if she were tied with an invisible rope. Even one day, Elif and her friend went to the park. Because the slide was too short Elif and Asya slid from Freckle’s neck. Everything was going great. But after a month Freckle couldn’t stand up and didn't eat and so it lost weight. Mustafa called a vet. The vet had a glass a mask and a white apron. The vet examined Freckle. The vet said, “Freckle need to go to her natural habitat”. Mrs. Şenay found a plane suitable for Freckle. Freckle got on the plane and went to the natural habitat.

After five years, Freckle was continuing his life in the natural habitat. Fifteen-year-old Elif and her family went to visit her. Elif instantly recognized Freckle. “Mom, mom! Isn't it Freckle?” she asked. Her family recognized Freckle too. They took photos with Freckle. Elif and Frackle even chatted. Apparently, Frackle recognized his old friend. After that Elif and her family returned home.


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