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  • Zeynep Dila Büyükmutlu

He Is A Genius

Author: Zeynep Büyükmutlu (13 Yaşında)

Chief Editor: Bilge Özsoy


It was a beautiful day in April. I headed to the house to do therapy with one of my patients. It wasthe first therapy with my new customer. Most of the time, I would be informed whose house I would be going to, but this time the patient wanted it to be kept confidential. I came home and knocked on the door. It was a lady who opened the door and without saying anything she directed me to the darkest room in the house. I could have sworn I smelled wisdom even before entering the room. And no one could have prepared me for the view I would see. Inside the room, there was a bed, a carpet, a reading chair, a desk, a huge bookshelf next to it, and right across from me was sitting the person who discovered the theory of relativity and whose name was talked about everywhere. Yes, this was Albert Einstein. I started asking:

- Hello Mr. Einstein, how are you today? I asked.

- Do you think the main goal is to be good? he snapped. I didn't expect him to answer in such a way but I continued.

- I want to talk with you. Is it okay?

- Of course, I'd be surprised if you wanted anything else.

- When and where were you born?

- I was born on March 14, 1879 in Germany.

- What are your height and eye color?

- I don't know why you asked this, but my height is around 173/175 cm and my eyes are brown.

- And what is behinde your smartness?

- I don't want to get into private life issues, but I can talk about my inventions if you want.

- I want to hear but first do you get along well with other physicists?

- It's not that we don't get along, but we have different beliefs about how we understand physics and how our research can serve or harm the world.

- So, which theory do you like the most?

- Hmm, I think it's the general theory of relativity, because I won the Nobel Prize for it, and I think it's one of the unique theories that will make our lives easier. I also managed to impress many American scientists with this theory.

When I was start asking another question his assistant entered the room and reminded Einstein that he would be late for a lecture he was giving to graduate students. He asked for permission and left, and I said I would be visiting him again the next day and left the house. I wrote down my notes on my notebook and attended other to the other patients the rest of the day.


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