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  • Mehmet Akif ACAR

Madagascar Adventure

Writer: Akif Erdem ÜNDAR (9 Years Old)

Translator: Mehmet Akif ACAR (14 Years Old)

Editor: Behice KAVAK

Hello, I am Ahmet, I am living in Konya, I am eight years old, and I love planes. I also have a twin, Mehmet. He loves planes just like me (I guess, I don't need to tell that he is eight years old, too).

When we were younger, my father was telling us stories about my grandfather. My grandfather was a pilot, and also, he was very adventurous. One day my grandfather had made a big decision and went on a world tour. He returned with a lot of knowledge. He even wrote a book about the places that he went. We read that book with my twin, and we decided to be pilot. But Mehmet began to get interested in medicine over the years, but I didn’t give up the dream of being a pilot. After years, I had the pilot exam and attended training flights.

There is a plane that I usually use, his name is Rafi. Rafi is an awesome plane that has a propeller in front and has red wings and body. At the same time, he is, clever, lithe, somewhat independent, brave, adventurous, and can perform very good maneuvers. We get along well with him because our habits are similar.

One day while on a training flight, he got angry at planes that didn't follow the rules of the air traffic and he got off his route flying towards Madagascar. We didn't have anything that was required for a long journey. But Rafi was a clever plane, he filled his fuel tank. The only thing he didn’t think about was my stomach, obviously I was so hungry. We landed in Madagascar after a long flight.

Madagascar’s climate was hot and humid. We had mango trees around us. Speaking of mango, I was still hungry, and unlikely I don’t like mango. Meanwhile, Rafi was serving his own food.

- If you are hungry, you can eat one or two from these gaskets.

- And if you are thirsty drink from engine oil…

We began to tour around with Rafi. About half an hour later we arrived at a crowded place. We arrived there as we were curious about what was going on there. We watched what they were watching surprisingly with consternation. Because they were making roosters fight! Poor roosters were looking too tired. There were two roosters; one was black, and the other one was brown. The supporters of brown and black were shouting slogans by their names. When I couldn't stand this pain, jumped into the ring like Tarzan and began speaking like a president, a silence occurred, and everybody was looking at me in a shock:

- Isn't it sad for the animals? See, they have wounds and bruises everywhere! Aren't you ashamed of torturing these animals? The animals should be free. Because they are living beings like us. How would you feel if anyone would capture you and make you fight? Now think again if this is right?

When I finished my words, everybody began to talk among themselves. Some of them were grumbling and some of them were nodding. When I started to think that we had to escape an immediate applause began. Thus, Madagascarians understood their fault. After that, they treated us very hospitably and served us chicken rice as dinner. Finally, I was full. By this way, we quickly returned home happily and full.






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