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  • Meldanur BİLİR

Mirror Cafe

Writer: Sümeyye Eda GENÇ (11 Years Old)

Translator: Meldanur BİLİR (16 Years Old)

Editor: Behice KAVAK

The seasons were no longer like the stories my father’s grandfather used to tell. It was July, and while browsing the internet, I stumbled upon a YouTuber’s live stream. They were now cooking chicken on the pavement instead of frying eggs. The imbalances in people’s lives had also affected the weather. Just then, there was a knock on the door. It was Seda. She suggested going to the pond together. The pond was far from our house, but it was worth walking there to swim. We grabbed a few things and started walking. As we walked, we saw that not only the weather but also the balance of nature had been disturbed. Everywhere was littered with trash. Seeing this saddened me, but the joy of reaching the pond made me feel as light as a feather. Because the lake was enchanting.

We immediately took off our slippers and dipped our feet into the pond. Then Seda showed me the lotus flowers on the other side of the lake. They hadn't bloomed yet, but even in this state, they added beauty to the environment despite those who polluted nature. We walked towards the other side of the pond to look at them. But it felt like our feet were touching a staircase made of concrete instead of sand. As we progressed, it went downward. We looked at each other in astonishment. We hugged tightly and eagerly held our breath to descend the stairs. The staircase led to a huge, majestic door. With smiling eyes, we opened the door together. As soon as we entered, the door suddenly closed, and miraculously, there was no water inside. Upon realizing that I had been holding my breath for a long time, the idea of being in a magical realm solidified in my mind.

And what I saw was an ugly monster in front of me. When Seda said, “What an ugly thing,” the monster immediately started grumbling: “I am the mirror of your ugliness as humans. Do you think that your garbage disappears suddenly, you basket-headed people? The garbage you throw reaches me through the soil, and as I consume it, like a working machine, I warm your world. I have been waiting for you to notice me for years, but you are not even aware of your own situation.” The monster was tired of humans, and moreover, it couldn’t explain itself to anyone and couldn’t quit this job because humans had assigned it forcibly. Meanwhile, it offered us each a plastic wrap and some factory water. It added that there would be cookies made from bottle caps as well. Of course, we didn’t eat them, but it was certain that we would eat them in the future at this rate.

We were deeply affected by what the monster said. I took Seda's hand and immediately went to my grandfather's carpentry shop. We prepared a signboard that read "Mirror Cafe." We made brochures and distributed them to homes. We negotiated with the monster and asked it to offer the same treats to the incoming people. People from other countries set out just to visit this cafe, see the monster, take photos, and share their stories. The Mirror Cafe, which went viral on social media, served as a mirror for the mistakes of those who hadn't lost their conscience and minds, leading to increased awareness and significant recycling and cleaning efforts. Thanks to these efforts, our world began to regain its natural beauty. As for the monster, it no longer needed to work; a very long vacation and entertainment awaited it.v


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