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  • Meldanur BİLİR

My Night Doesn't Turn Into Day

Writer & Translator: Meldanur BİLİR (16 Years Old)

My sky is pitch black and cloudy,

My night doesn’t turn into day.

In my hand, the hairpin of a three-year-old girl

I don’t know what her fault was.

People blinded by greed and ambition.

Didn’t want her sweet smile.

I can’t do anything,

Except getting angry...

Where is my freedom bird?

Did they shoot you too?

In this world ruled by lies,

Living is so difficult.

My golden dome is fading.

And nobody is helping.

A few siblings and I are alone in this vast world.

Hey, Muslim, where are you?

Why are you silent, don’t you know the truth?

Can’t you see the tears of little children?

Gaza is crying blood, and you’re silent.

You, who don’t see the oppression of the oppressor,

Who choose not to see,

How can you say, “Alhamdulillah, I’m a Muslim”?



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