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Who Is the Traitor?

Author: Şifa Onuk

Translator: Meldanur Bilir Age: 16

Hi, I’m Mey. I’m a bee. I will tell you the truths of false information about bees. Firstly, bees go to flowers not to collect pollen from them but to smell them. Secondly, bees do not make honey from pollen. They make it with regular flour, milk, or something. Thirdly, bees love painting flowers. Sometimes you see, there is a bee on the flower, but it stands without doing nothing. I will have you know that the bee is painting at that moment.

At school, a trip was organized for people’s homes. And I was very curious about the life of these big beings. What they called home was their hive. We were going to sneak in, but it was not clear which house we were going to enter. The excitement of the work was also here. An open door, maybe a balcony door, or a window...

We went on the road, divided into three groups. We rake about for something and found a house. We sneaked in. People were eating honey inside and put the flowers we painted on their tables.

My friend shouting, “Our honey! I wonder where they stole the recipe?” said.

And I said, “They even stole the flowers we painted!”

We hurriedly went to our teacher and told her about the honey we saw and the colourful flowers on the table. A meeting was immediately held in the hive and some decisions were made. These were as follows:

1. An investigation will be launched to find out who leaked our honey recipe to people.

2. Strong soldier bees will be placed next to the flowers so that they cannot steal them.

Even if our investigation takes forever, I believe we will find that traitor!


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