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  • Sude SAYGIN

Fleer Words

Author: Sude SAYGIN (11 Years Old)

Translator: Mehmet Akif ACAR (14 Years Old)

Yiğit had black hair and glasses. He was a kid who doesn’t like to read books and use them badly. Whenever he takes a book by the force of her mother, he gets bored immediately and leaves the book. One day her mother called him after school and began to talk to him.

Yiğit, I know you don't like to read books, but you have to read at least less even a little. And trust me the books are fun and educative. I am giving the book that I am reading to you every night to you to start reading.

After saying these she got out the book. When Yiğit saw this, he said: “I am bored of books, books and books... I don't want to read!” and grabbed and threw the book to the floor from her mother’s hand. His sad mother lost her hope.

After a few days of this incident at the school, Yiğit’s Turkish teacher gave a homework to read and understand a book. The only subject that Yiğit knows was the book that her mother read him every night. When he returned to the home, he took a breath and opened the book.

All of the words started to escape instantly out of the book and hide under the table or bed. However, Yiğit was shocked and tried to catch them, but he wasn't successful. Yiğit didn't know what to do while he was thinking. Actually, Yiğit wanted to go to his mother, but he was afraid that the words would escape out of his room. After this, he begins to think again. He first thought that he would find them by smelling, but everywhere was smelling book odor.

The fleer words got angry while waiting for Yiğit and started to rebel by shouting their words. The cat of Yiğit, Luna, heard the sounds and entered to the room. Luna caught some of the words instantly and escaped. Upon this Yiğit immediately got out of his room and began to search in his home for his cat. If Luna will eat the words, he will never be able to complete the book. That's why he had to be fast. He saw Luna while he was running. She was going to eat the words. He was scared when he saw the blue eyes of Luna. The big pupils of the cat were showing that she was angry. Yiğit caught Luna quickly and rescued the words. Luna directed her paw to Yiğit angrily but then she backed down and grumbled while going away. 

Meanwhile, the words were able to escape everywhere around the house. While thinking hopelessly he found a good idea. He took the vacuum cleaner and began to sweep everywhere in the house. After being sure that no fleer words left, he took the words from the dust bag. But the words were like a puzzle.

As the last choice he took the book that was empty and started to say as he remembered. Because this was the story that he memorized by listening every night. The words that heard their names begin to be replaced in their places in the book. The book was completed in this way. Yiğit closed the book happily. After that, he went to his mother, tell what happened, and said sorry. His mother said that this happened years ago to her grandmother also. She said she tried to say to him, but he needed to acquire a reading habit by himself and not be afraid of the books. After this incident, he tried not to offend any book or words. Because of this, he read the books with pleasure. And no words ever escape from him.


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