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Author: Kerem ALPARSLAN (12 Years Old)

Translator: Meldanur BİLİR (16 Years Old)

Mr. Adorable got up from his seat, left house and started watching the lake. He was a very cute man, short, chubby, with blue eyes and a white beard. That’s why everyone called him “Mr. Adorable”. Mr. Adorable lived in a lakeside town. The houses in this town were single-storey and made of wood. While Mr. Adorable was watching the lake, he suddenly remembered that he was going to visit his childhood friend today. He immediately became alarmed. How could he forget this? How could he forget this? He had to hit the road immediately to make it to the appointment. As he mounted his horse and reached the path winding through the mountains, he was astonished to find that a river had made its bed right across the road! If he circled the mountains, the journey would take days. Despite pleading for the river to make way for him, he couldn’t persuade it. Reluctantly, he turned towards the mountains. “Hey mountains! Could you carry me from hand to hand and take me to my friend’s city?” The mountains replied, “We would, but we’re not in good shape. Drought has greatly affected us. If you can find a kilogram of abundance for each of us, we’ll take you.” Mr. Adorable accepted this and quickly returned to the town. He started thinking about where to find abundance. Then, an idea struck him. “Abundance is like a beautiful feeling. Because there is abundance in every beauty,” he said to himself. So, he could find abundance by doing good things. He greeted and inquired about the well-being of those around him, gave food to animals, and gradually earned abundance from these actions. In the end, he managed to gather enough abundance and went back to the mountains. Mr. Adorable said, “Mountains, I brought as much abundance as you want.  Now can you take me to my friend’s city?” yelled. The mountains said, “Thank you, Mr. Adorable.  And yes, now we can drop you off at your friend’s city.” said. Thus, Mr. Adorable scattered abundance on the mountains, and the mountains suddenly turned lush green. The scent of plants and trees spread around, and the forest filled with the chirping of birds. The mountains thanked Mr. Adorable and carried him from hand to hand, taking him to his friend’s city. Just as Mr. Adorable was about to arrive, he faced another obstacle—houses blocked the path to his friend’s house. “How will I make it to my friend’s appointment now? Circling the other way takes too long,” he lamented. The houses replied, “Don’t worry, Mr. Adorable, we’ll make way for you.” The houses moved aside, giving Mr. Adorable a path. Delighted, Mr. Adorable started walking briskly and managed to reach his friend’s house on time. After spending a lovely time with his friend, he returned home through the mountains once again. Sitting in his chair, he reflected on what he had done to see his friend and said to himself, “Friendship is just like life, everything can be sacrificed for it.”


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