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  • Elif Nisa ÖZDEMİR

Unlively Country

Author: Elif Nisa ÖZDEMİR (9 Years Old)

Translator: Mehmet Akif ACAR (14 Years Old)

There were poor but happy people living in the south of Asia. The king of this country was Cruelba. One day, Cruelba was making an announcement. He had just finished speaking when he tripped and fell over. Everybody started to laugh. Cruelba was very embarrassed in front of his people. His viziers stand him up immediately. The king was so angry, he said, “I am forbidding people to laugh and have fun”. Everyone thought that he was joking. One day the king's men saw some people having fun and they imprisoned them. So, everyone understood that the king wasn't joking.

Weddings and festivals were no longer made in the country. Kids stopped playing games, they were always studying. The country was enriched because everybody was working. Everyone seemed happy with this situation, the king was also happy. He was getting rich and cruel. 5-6 years passed in this way.

The king began to get bored day by day. He wanted to have fun. He was bored a lot. He gave commands to people to make him have fun, but people forgot how to have fun because of the restriction. No one was able to make the king laugh. The viziers begin to search for a solution.

One day they learned that a clown was living far away in the country. They take him to the palace immediately. The clown was so good at his job, he was so funny that he made the king and everybody around him laugh. He thought the people missed laughing so he organized an entertainment. He commanded his men to set up a circus tent and prepare delicious food. There were also the clown's shows, everybody was so happy.

The king understood that having fun is a need for everyone. After this, every year on this date this entertainment was going to be set up. The restriction was lifted, and the people continued to work and have fun.


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